Research Management System (RMS)

TrialPointTM clinical solutions suite bundles all the necessary software for your clinical trial. Our offerings are organized into the two main needs of any clinical trial; Data Capture and Management and Trial Planning and Management. These two areas integrate seamlessly across our SaaS platform.

Due to our industry expertise and focus on innovative technology our system goes beyond the basic needs of managing a successful trial and can become your most important competitive advantage. TrialPointTM was designed by the founders of Databean who are still leading our team 10+ years later. Innovative technology is one of our core passions. We made our software more intuitive and includes features that you would normally have to seek an additional third party to perform. We wanted to simplify the process so we eliminated the extra resources by developing technology that performs randomization, quality checks and analysis, and study change adaptability.

Academic and Industry Expertise is Databean’s second core value. This is evident throughout the TrialPointTM Suite as it was designed to correct all the typical headaches involved in a clinical trial. Our creators studied the process and the current technology being used and decided there had to be something better, so they designed and developed a user focused system.

TrialPointTM Research Management System offers:

  • EDC/Randomization
  • CTMS
  • EPRO
  • CSM/Device accountability
  • eTMF
  • Safety (CEC/Adjudication)
  • Biostatistics (Reporting and analytics)


  • User Centered Design
  • Triggered unexpected event forms
  • Data discrepancy alerts
  • Subject randomization software
  • Intuitive analytics to judge risks and areas for improvement
  • Friendly, simple UI that requires zero coding
  • SaaS platform to cut infrastructure and financial costs: