Patient Report Outcomes

For every trial, every study, every site, every coordinator’s management style, and every patient’s unique personal preferences and medical history, we’ve made technology to capture all the data you need. Our electronic patient-report outcomes (ePRO) system can be configured and customized for each individual. It will work with any type of quality of life questionnaire and will integrate with any patient diary.

Data entry and diaries can be a tedious process for patients. We took this into consideration and looked at ways to improve the patient experience, which in effect would give more accurate data recording in real time. Our ePRO can be accessed from any web browser, and digital platform, and any mobile device. Our design allows patients to input data easily and quickly, which gives you access to data and analysis quicker. And there is no learning curve needed for this software, as simple as any other app that patients use on a day to day basis.

They can feel safe and assured using TrialPointTM ePRO as it is integrated with the rest of the RMS platform. They can feel comfortable inputting private, personal data and results into the system because through our software innovation the time the data reaches the coordinator or sponsors eyes it will already be randomized and assigned to its exclusive, private patient ID number. This improves the experience for your patient and you. One less tedious task for you to do, so you can spend your time where it counts, on your trial and patient relationships.

Key Features

  • Intuitive, simple UI
  • Accessible anywhere, any web browser, mobile, etc.
  • HIPAA Compliant


  • No patient training required
  • Promotes better patient relationships
  • Hassel free experience for all parties