TrialPointTM Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Our electronic data capture system was created with our users in mind. Designed by investigators, sponsors, and clinical trial experts, our user-centered designed software provides clinical expert approved functionality and intuitive technology. our EDC offers a combination of investigator and manager level features that allow for visibility of studies across multiple sites.

Our EDC is designed to ensure that your clinical trial has the best quality data, in real time with optimal efficiency. We simplify and streamline the entire trial process, from rapid trial design, efficient workflow development, and user-friendly trial management and reporting. TrialPointTM EDC ensures regulatory compliance, as well as accurate financial management and billing compliance.


Randomization is a key method used in clinical trial studies. It is necessary to randomize to remove bias and ensure quality of results. Good clinical data is the most important goal for your clinical trial. Without good data a study can fail. Our randomization software was designed to be able to work with any type of randomization method, blind trial, etc. Our software takes in subject and site data and returns randomized output. This way when you are looking at your data you know that it has been efficiently and systematically returned, meets the regulations and requirements of your study, and is data you can use.

Our randomization feature is included in our EDC. All features of our TrialPoint software were designed to eliminate the need for a third party. This means once again we are saving you time and money. Additionally, this means you do not have to go through the hassle of finding a randomization service and trying to integrate it into your EDC. TrialPoint takes care of all of your clinical data needs.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Design: Our EDC was designed to be able to adapt to any trial design. We work with you to rapidly create an optimal design for your trial and then cater our EDC to fit those needs. Our technology prevents long start-up and configuration time and which allows you to save time and money.
  • Intuitive Analytics: Our electronic data capture system provides impeccable data and intuitive analytics. When there are missing or incomplete data, subject issues, or site inaccuracies you will know. Additionally, our system is intuitive enough to provide event driven forms. That means when there is an unscheduled visit, additional test or procedure, our system is triggered and provides you with the needed documentation instead of you having to search and input it manually. Whatever comes your way our system is designed to respond and adapt quickly to your needs.
  • Audit Trail: Audit trail displays all actions that have been performed. The trail shows all forms that are viewed, any entries, changes, or queries made to the form is tracked. It also shows the date and time of every action and the user that performed the action. This feature provides quality data and trial transparency.
  • Security: Password protected, single sign on website. Utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for optimized data storage, providing guaranteed availability, and cutting out any need for infrastructure or extra costs.


  • Support: We are known for our strong customer relationships. We work as your partner, we want you to succeed and we support you every step of the way. We possess the empathy and care that other companies are missing because we have been in your shoes, with our own trials and managing our own sites. When you have an issue, you can expect an immediate response from our team.
  • Training: We provide the product training you need to get your trial up and running as quickly as possible. No coding or programming skills are needed.
  • Financial Advantage: An EDC is a necessary software for trial management. It should improve and enable your trial, not become a financial burden that prevents your ability to focus on what’s important, the success of your trial. That’s why TrialPointTM EDC has a clear cost advantage among its competitors by costing you significantly less.

Sponsor and Investigator Benefits

Sponsor Specific Benefits:

  • Reduce trial setup and downtime.
  • Build studies and make mid-study changes (without fees? Do we do this?)
  • Ensure global data compliance
  • Overview of regulatory compliance
  • Progress reports and trackers
  • Easy to use for collaboration with CRO and site partners
  • Real time data

Investigator Specific Benefits:

  • Spend more time with patients and less time on administration
  • Query tool and edit checks streamline data entry
  • Easy to use for collaboration with CRO and sponsors
  • Clinical supply management and device accountability
  • Fast deployment of eCRFs
  • Incorporates ePRO into database
  • Transparent, lower total costs.