TrialPointTM Clinical Supply Management (CSM)

Our Clinical Supply Management is perfect for single device, single product, and small to mid-size trials. Providing all the requirements needed in a CSM without the need to outsource to an additional 3rd party. Integrated into the TrialPointTM Research Management System, our CSM helps ensure device accountability and proper labeling of investigational devices. A user-friendly portal to manage transportation, ownership, location, and usage of devices and additional investigational materials. Our system allows you to ensure that safety and quality standards are being met throughout the supply and shipping process and keep real-time data for audits. Used for the supply management of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and clinical supplies, TrialPointTM’s CSM software is flexible to work for different trial types, requirements, and safety protocols.

Sponsors and coordinators love the visibility and easy accessibility our CSM provides. Continue to manage your trial and operational logistics from the same easy to use TrialPointTM platform. One portal to continue the successful and compliant trial.

Key Features:

  • TrialPointTM CSM is fully integrated with our TrialPointTM Research Management System.
  • Customizable supply management system, ideal for small to mid-size companies and single product devices
  • Designed to meet your trials’ specific safety and regulatory requirements
  • Accurate, real-time data ensuring data quality
  • Simple User Interface, no operational or manufacturing expertise needed


  • Easy to use platform and minimal training needed will save time so you can start your study quicker.
  • TrialPointTM RMS is a solution suite accessed through one portal. TrialPointTM houses all of your clinical management needs so you do not need to continually check and update multiple sources. This streamlined yet comprehensive solution allows you to save time and money, and more important, spend less time on the computer and more time with your investigators, patients, and sites.
  • Using the same provider for all of your clinical management needs saves you money. By eliminating an additional 3rd provider and resources, you can use your financial budgets towards other areas of your trial.