Patient Care: Four Digital Tools


There are many technological innovations taking place in the healthcare industry today. Here, we point out a few of our favorites being used to improve patient care and satisfaction while reducing the workload of healthcare practitioners.  They are:

1. Sequence – a HIPAA compliant data management and reporting program specifically designed to manage patients receiving treatment through BiologicTx, a pharmacy provider of biologic and oral transplant therapies. The therapeutic regime for transplant recipients relies on comprehensive and accurate information from physicians, laboratories, pharmacies and other healthcare providers. Unifying multiple sources of data into a sophisticated data management system the transplant center clinicians can use Sequence to monitor and assess the efficacy of treatments.

2. – This platform brings the ease of mobile text message communications to patients and caregivers. The CareSpeak system uses two-way text messaging technology to ensure that patients take their medications on time and exactly as prescribed. Proper adherence to a medication regime determines the success of treatments. Using this technology, personalized communications are sent to a patient and caregiver’s cell phone or tablet, reminding them to take their medications and motivating them with information about their actual adherence vs. their goal.

3. – drchrono is a meaningful use (MU) certified web-based electronic medical records (EMR) system enabling Physicians, Pharmacists and other healthcare providers to review and manage their patient data at any time. While there are many other systems compliant with regulatory requirements, drchrono is easy to use and has become widely adopted by the medical community.  Physicians also benefit from a billing platform built into the system which eliminates the need for 3rd party billing vendors.

4. PatientsLikeMe – A platform for mutual support and health-data sharing that can change the way patients with specific healthcare conditions manage their overall health, treatments and symptoms. It is also available to anyone who wants to provide support to improve the lives of others. PatientsLikeMe works with non-profits, research and industry partners who want to use health data to improve their products, services and care for patients.

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