Study Start-Up

Bringing your IP to Life

Databean helps take your product from conceptualization to market. Our start-up consulting services help to finalize your drug or device design with input from our team of experts. In addition, we will create a trial and feasibility strategy, help obtain the resources you need to get going and navigate the regulatory and clinical barriers that can arise. We help forge a path to bring your idea to market, and we help get you there quicker.

Site Selection

We work with you to assess feasibility by looking at sites, barriers to enrollment, global and local marketability, regulatory constraints, and all the nuisances that come with running clinical trials. We examine a wealth of variables when choosing sites for your study. We assess the performance, culture, experience and history of the sites so we can make sure they are equipped to provide the performance and relationships you need to get your trial completed on-time and on-budget. As our users of concern are always our patients, we pay close attention to the reputation of patient care and their ability to maintain healthy patient relationships during a study. This will affect patient enrollment decisions and ultimately clinical trial data and performance. We focus on sites with strong patient-provider relationships and conduct investigative efforts to make sure we identify, assess, and ultimately select the best sites for your study.

Patient Recruitment

Databean’s global experience and network has allowed us to become experts on the international clinical trial regulations and privacy laws. We understand the cultural and legal challenges and expectations for patient recruitment, and we work to improve your understanding as we create an effective patient recruitment plan. Through our extensive global network of well respected, seasoned clinical sites and hospitals, we avoid the need for online, web-based advertising and marketing for enrollment. We strategically choose sites that have access to the desired types and quantities of patients. Having the global resources to fast track patient recruitment allows us to save your trial time, effort, and money. Although a small group CRO, our connections and global reach provide larger-than-life results as we provide fast, efficient enrollment execution plans that makes patient recruitment no longer a concern.