Data Management

Getting you Strong Data and Meeting Standards

Databean’s Data Management team consists of entrepreneurs, innovators, physicians, and sponsors who have been through the clinical trial process before. We have experience designing and managing clinical trials. We know that quality and efficient data management leads to the best data, which in return will lead to the best results for your trial.

Our team works to ensure proper collection, integration, and availability of real-time data. Databean works to ensure you have a strong foundation of clean data. Our data analytics successfully establish efficacy and efficiency, identify quantitative and qualitative advantages, and track milestones and progress.

Data Management services Include:

  • Define data requirements and standards
  • Integrate your custom data dicionaries
  • Database design and configuration
  • Include adaptive trial designs
  • Integrate complex stratification and randomization schemas
  • Integrate core lab data
  • Monitor data capture
  • Author data management and risk-based monitoring plans

  • Source verify and perform data quality audits
  • Produce comprehensive data quality and safety reports
  • Establish and manage the Clinical Events Committee (CEC)
  • Produce study metrics
  • Produce agency-ready technical and clinical reports
  • eTMF management
  • Produce site invoices based on data entry and quality