Clinical Affairs

Strong integration with your sites and vendors allows us to go beyond just ‘managing’ clinical affairs and become part of your Clinical Trial TEAM.

As an extended member of your clinical trial team we work closely with your sites, vendors, and necessary IRBs to make sure all events, reports, data, and study changes are reported on time while providing quality data and remaining compliant. We work seamlessly with sponsors and vendors to provide clear communication and transparency for the duration of the clinical trial. The members of the Databean team that you will talk to in the preliminary stages of trial design and feasibility studies will be the same members that will manage regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and meeting time and deliverable deadlines throughout the entirety of your trial. We have the clinical experience and knowledge to navigate you through any adversary events and challenges to make sure your trial ends with success.

With Databean’s clinical affairs approach you can be assured that all processes of your trial will comply to policies, regulatory guidelines, and study protocols. We are available 24/7 to our sponsors and vendors to assist all needs and to ensure confidence and security to your team.