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Medtech in Ireland


Known as the “land of a hundred thousand welcomes,” Ireland is emerging as a thriving new home for the medical technology industry. Centrally located between the Americas and Europe, Ireland bridges these two longstanding titans of the industry, and provides a prime harbor for many of the world’s foremost up and coming medtech companies. As Ireland steps onto the world … Read More

Newbie Guide: Regulatory Approval


While some readers may know regulatory pathways like the back of their hand, this post is for folks who are relative newbies. Although the processes for gaining FDA approval for a new drug or medical device has common features, there is one major difference between clinical trials for drugs and medical devices. Drugs always require a series of clinical studies, … Read More

Lung Transplant: Investigating Clara Cells


Lung transplantation is the course of treatment for patients suffering from advanced lung disease and pulmonary failure. Despite scientific progress to preserve lung function and to decrease immune responses against lung transplants, the incidence and severity of lung transplant acute and chronic rejection exceed those of other solid organ transplants. In fact, lung transplant chronic rejection is the leading cause … Read More