Our Value Initiative

Our Value stems from Clinical Research Innovation

Our world has seen a steady increase in Healthcare initiatives. This industry continues to boom regardless of political and societal changes. For every person who is in need of medical attention, there will be another to provide it or develop a new medical solution. With increasing technology capabilities the possibilities start to look endless. But no matter what great minds have created the new medical marvel, all are humbled by the process to gain FDA and regulatory approval through clinical trials.

Databean’s Value Initiative was designed to provide entrepreneurs, businesses, and coordinators associated with single-product startups and life science companies with the comprehensive resources they need to run a successful clinical trial. We provide the services, software, resources and consulting all tailored to driving the success of medical device and life sciences.

Our offerings bring you the medical and industry expertise that large technology and consulting companies lack. We are not consultants, software engineers, or business professionals who have been briefed in the medtech industry, trained to use the correct lingo, and programmed to take each client’s issues and mold it to fit their company’s signature process. We are not a large company that offers consulting and technology solutions for a wide variety of industries, taking our software products and adding different features to be able to sell to manufacturing companies, retail companies, and healthcare companies alike. No. We are medical professionals. We are physicians and nurses. We are clinical trial coordinators and sponsors. We are data statisticians. We are academics. We are industry experts who have taken the step out of hospitals and academic institutes to meet with you, learn about your product and goals, and provide you with our knowledge, resources, and expertise to bring your IP to life.

Databean was created with a clear and specific purpose. And we have stayed focused on this purpose – Clinical Research Innovation – which has continued to be our passion year after year. Our services, our software, and our initiatives are all focused on providing the most innovative practices and technology to you in order to improve your research initiatives and optimize and streamline your clinical trials.

Our focus on Clinical Research Innovation
is found in our company segments.


1. Databean is our research and consulting services segment that focuses on helping you take that little seed of an idea inside your head, turning it into a reality, and helping it grow to its full potential of improving people’s lives.

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2. TrialPoint™ is our software created strictly for clinical trial and research management that provides intuitive analytics that help you keep your study compliant and your resources to a minimum.

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Together these pillars are the foundation for Clinical Research Innovation. It is what sets us apart from the competition and is what continues to make us the strong MedTech influencers that we strive to be.